Physical Science Rules and Regulations 507

Welcome to physical science. In this class we will be covering chemistry, forensics, physics, earth science.
Welcome to Physical Science 507

Ms. Marshall’s free periods

This is a survey course that addresses important topics in science. Physical Science is the study of matter and energy. In this class we will cover chemistry, forensics, physics, earth science and astronomy. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis.
We will also be focusing on THE THREE R’S:
Taking Responsibility, building Relationships, and using
Reasoning skills. These three skills are necessary to be successful anywhere you go.
Responsibility: Being accountable for your actions and their consequences. Doing what needs to be done, when it
needs to be done.
Relationships: Being able to work well with all kinds of people on all kinds of tasks.
Reasoning: Being able to determine what information is missing, how to find that information and how to apply information to solve a problem
Semester grades will come from point based homework, labs, test, quizzes, projects and a final exam that is worth 15% of the semester grade. There is no curve. Lack of student participation in labs, discussions, tardiness, poor attendance, irresponsibility, can affect a student’s grade as much as 10% or one letter grade.

The grading Scale is as follows:
A 90-100% D 60-69%
B 80-89 % F 59% and below
C 70-79%
It is expected that students will come prepared to class everyday. This means having a pen, a pencil, a textbook and a calculator. Students need a three ring binder for this class and loose-leaf paper.

Homework Assignments
The purpose of homework is to provide each student with the opportunity to practice what he or she has learned in class. It is to every student’s benefit to
do all assignments. If a student doesn’t do their homework, they are not well prepared for quizzes and tests. Generally students who do not do homework are
not as successful in class as those who complete their assignments are. Students are expected to do all assignments unless stated as optional. Assignments will be graded. We will discuss and correct homework after it has been turned in and graded. On those days late work will not be accepted.

Quizzes and Tests
Quizzes and tests assess the level of understanding that students have. They also evaluate a student’s organization, study skill, and note taking ability. A portion of assessments will be testing knowledge of the material. In addition, test and quizzes will give students an opportunity to demonstrate scientific reasoning skills and apply the material in new situations.

Students are expected to submit their own work. On homework students may work together only when specified otherwise they will receive a zero. During any quizzes and tests, ANY use of outside aides unless specifically permitted will be considered cheating. Plagiarism calling someone else’s work your own is not allowed. Students who misrepresent themselves will not be given credit and may be referred to the dean for further consequences.

Student Responsibilities: A Job Description

Being a student is like having a job. And like any job an employee is given responsibilities.

I will be using to communicate with students and parents about grades. If you do not have an email address you can get a free one from or that you can check at school. You can access your grade at any time by going to my You will need a classword and a password to log in.

Students who are struggling with material or have questions should make an appointment to see their instructor. By making an appointment in advance,
Students can guarantee that the teacher will be available to see them on a one on one basis. Students are strongly encouraged to see the teacher as soon as any difficulty presents itself.

Classroom Policies and Responsibilities

1. Once you are in class you are here for 50 minutes. Use the washroom, get a drink, and get your materials BEFORE class begins.

2. Be on time. This means being in the classroom when the bell rings. If you are late you must sign in and serve a 15-minute detention per tardy. The detention must be served within three days. Habitual tardiness or failure to serve detentions may result in a referral to the dean for further consequences.

3. Do all your homework. Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise stated. Late work will receive NO CREDIT.

4. Come to class everyday. If you miss class for any reason it is your responsibility to find out what you missed the day of your return and make up all missed work. If you are absent due to a field trip or an event where you have advanced notice you are expected to get your work in advance and you get NO extension.

Tests and quizzes must be completed upon your return to school. Arrangements can be make to get missing work in. A deadline will be agreed upon. If no make up work is turned in at the deadline you will receive NO CREDIT. Test and quizzes are announced in advance. Being absent the day before a quiz or a test DOES NOT excuse you from taking it.

Labs can only be made up before or after school. You must schedule a time in which to come in and complete the lab. If you do not come in at the scheduled time you get NO CREDIT. Labs must be made up in a timely fashion.

5. Do not cut class. Do not get suspended. If you are unexcused because you cut class you will not get credit for anything done that day including tests. If you are suspended any work that was missed may be turned in the day you return for credit.

Your first cut will result in an hour detention and a phone call home. After the second cut you will meet with the Dean for consequences.

This includes water bottles, and candy. This is a science classroom and food is a hazard. DO NOT bring it to class.

7. Cell phones should be turned off and in your locker. If you are caught using a cell phone in class it will be confiscated and returned to you after eighth period. If a cell phone goes off/rings/ vibrates etc. in class you will serve a 30 min detention and the cell phone will not be returned until the detention is served.

8. Be a first class student. While in class you must respect and act responsibly towards the teacher and your classmates. Swearing, making demeaning comments, fighting etc. will result in a 5-10 pt grade reduction. (not to exceed 10 % of one letter grade total). Anyone exhibiting extreme unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave and referred to the dean for further consequences. Be conscientious of your behavior towards others.